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No money for marketing?
Do you have a private practice and need more clients?
Are you working for someone and want your own practice?
Did you just get out of school and you’re not sure what you want to do?

I promise your school did not teach you these principles. Before I was a licensed massage therapist and teacher and coach for LMT’s, I did marketing and consulting for the health service industry. My clients operated on a shoestring budget, often times dipping into savings for a last ditch effort to save their practice.

This is a strategy I wrote for massage therapists
…a very simple eight step easy to follow strategy without costing you a penny!!!
If you follow these eight (8) steps, your practice will change, you will grow a successful sustainable practice.

I am offering this for FREE for a very limited time. After a certain number of downloads, this strategy will sell for $49. I want every massage therapist to feel empowered and confident. Let’s the change the narrative for the massage industry. Let us develop a strong sustainable practice that demands respect and regard for what we do. Surgery and pills should not be the first “Go-To” for a solution to pain. Let us work our magic and prove we play a vital role in healthcare and we are a main source in mainstream for healthcare options.

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Be at the forefront of your industry!

You got licensed in massage and certified in modalities, but what about CBD!

CBD massage” is currently being made available as an “upgrade” to massage by many service providers, but what about all the unanswered questions your clients have? Is that service provider certified in CBD massage? Do they know what CBD does and how it works for my body? Do they know how much to administer and the best practices to apply? Is it possible to get “too much” CBD in my body? Is that CBD oil they use even going into my blood stream or sitting on top of my skin?

Your instructor, Lynora Silverman, LMT, MMP is licensed and certified in CBD massage. She is an LMT instructor and owner of Infused ReLeaf. She will product certify LMT’s to safely use this product in their practice. Ensure you are knowledgeable about the benefits of CBD application and best practices, as well as, fully equipped to answer any questions your clients may have regarding the effect on your body that CBD massage delivers. This information in this course will empower you to feel confident as you navigate through this brand new industry and utilize this body balancing tool at your fingertips.

If we summed up the benefits of massage to one word, I’m sure you would agree, the main purpose of massage is for the body to find homeostasis. Once the body finds that balance, the benefits of massage are endless!

As licensed practitioners, we work to find any tool and modality to help us assist our clients in this vital healing process. As LMT’s, we are constantly working to continue our education, learning new modalities and focusing on being at the forefront of the industry all while living inside the “Do No Harm” motto.

When you discover the powerful effect CBD has on the body, and you realize you can bring balance and healing through proper application, you want to learn all you can to ensure you and your clients are safe. It is YOUR responsibility to be knowledgeable and informed. CBD is absolutely that tool, but the industry is using it improperly. Lynora developed this powerful massage cream and her own modality for massage therapy, focusing on access points for pain based on her studies of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains. She specializes in kinesiology and healing from the outside in. She uses Infused ReLeaf exclusively in her practice because it is a powerful vasodilator. This course will teach you all about how and why that is important when using CBD!

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