Get Relief in Your Pain Area

Infused ReLeaf™: CBD Cream for Skin and Pain Relief

Access Points Identified

Access To Pain? How is that possible?

Have you ever experienced pain around your hips or an ache deep in your low back that you can’t quite seem to massage or stretch it out? Sometimes, it seems nothing can stop the pain.

The discomfort you are feeling could be coming from tension deep within your iliopsoas muscles, your hip flexors or even your quadrum lumbratis. Where are those things anyway?

Since all these muscle groups live deep within your skeletal makeup, how can you get rid of this pain with just a topical cream?

Research on pain and how we perceive it is never ending. Science has been delivering theories about pain for centuries. We know for sure that pain has a path from the source to the brain.

We decided if you can head that pain off at the pass, it won’t make it to the brain.

The benefits of CBD enables you to maintain homeostasis (balance) in your body while you work through the issues in your tissues.

When the pain lies deep within, use this easy to understand ACCESS POINT MAP or SCHEDULE YOUR VIRTUAL CONSULTATION to identify YOUR pain path TODAY!

Access Points in the Head and Neck


Top head at soft spot

Access Point For – Muscles and blood circulation around the skull

Pain or Condition -congested sinus, headaches, stress, brain fog, confusion


Access Points in the Chest, Upper Back, Shoulders and Arms


Access Points in the Lower Back, Hips and Quads


Access Points in the Knees and Feet