About Our Founder

Lynora Silverman is the Founder of Infused Releaf & Creator of CBD Infused Cream for Aches & Pains

“Pain has one purpose, to alert you that something is wrong. I want to provide you with tools to communicate with your pain, and remove its purpose.” ~ Lynora

As a licensed bodyworker and educator, Lynora is on a mission to help bring awareness and understanding to the aches and pains within our bodies and help improve quality of life for everyone.
Her studies are based on Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers and she specializes in kinesiology and healing from the outside – in.

Lynora uses Infused ReLeaf exclusively in her practice and certifies LMT’s on how to administer Infused ReLeaf to enhance the benefits of the massage experience. 


I’m passionate about living life to its fullest while enjoying the highest quality of life possible. I’m certain that would be my mother’s wish for me, had she lived long enough to realize that herself.

Being only 2 when my mother died from lupus, I hang on to the stories I have been told about how beautiful she was, how she loved singing to Patsy Cline and how she was top of her bowling league. I cherish her blue suede bowling shoes. They represent a moment in time when she was able to live life to the fullest.

Although lupus can be hereditary, I haven’t been diagnosed with it. I do, however, have many symptoms including joint pain and osteoarthritis. As I entered middle age, my back was screaming at me. I traveled for work and that only hindered and worsened my condition.

In my quest to tackle the intense pain in my back, I decided to address it naturally, to communicate with it instead of silence it.
Channeling my mother, I researched essential oils for their analgesic effect. I wanted something different than just transdermal and numbing, I wanted something that didn’t exist… a natural terpene rich topical that, once penetrated, it goes to work healing and repairing.

I experimented with different combinations and amounts of essential oils, mixing them with coconut oil and rubbing it into my back and achy joints. It didn’t take long before I discovered the perfect combination of oils. All of them together smelled amazing, and the feeling when rubbed in can only be described as remarkably healing.

I used the oil daily and felt better than I had in years! I mixed the oils into a thick cream and sent it to my sister. She loved the smell and said it helps the pain and reduces swelling in her knuckles due to arthritis. She said “It takes the pain out of gardening.” Which means she is experiencing improved quality of life!

I wanted more than anything to quit my job and develop a pain relief cream that would improve the quality of life for everyone! I knew in my soul this was my purpose. Realistically though, I couldn’t afford to do that. but…I never stopped feeling called to share my magic potion every time I saw someone experiencing pain.

Since this was, after all, my purpose in life, and I was too chicken to “go for it”, divine intervention stepped in… one Friday afternoon, right before Christmas I received a call from my boss…
“Lynora, the company is going in a different direction, I’m going to have to let you go…..”

Over a decade of service to this company, and my sales career ended, just like that.
I realize now this was THE defining moment for Infused ReLeaf.
I felt like I had been given the freedom to jump start this journey! I honestly felt the earth move under my feet!

I began to research and compile information. I learned all I could about CBD and the endocannabinoid system. I learned how plants and humans work together for healing and survival. I hired a formulation advisor and we developed a perfect essential oils topical cream. We infused CBD into the formulation to add balance to the healing. I named the cream Infused ReLeaf to describe how we can re-leaf what nature gives us, then infuse them into one.

After becoming compliant with the ever changing laws, licensing, labeling and sealing, Infused ReLeaf was ready to start selling in stores!
The problem was, once retailers started to stock their shelves, there were way more CBD products than information available about them. It wasn’t just about developing something that works, it’s about awareness. Infused ReLeaf got lost in the sea of confusion. Consumers needed to FEEL the difference in order to KNOW the difference.

I immediately enrolled in school for massage therapy. As I learned about the body, I learned why Infused ReLeaf works so well for pain and I knew, as soon as people feel it work, they are going to LOVE it too!

I set up massage chairs to demonstrate Infused ReLeaf at the retail locations where it was being sold. Students from school volunteered to demonstrate the product for experience so I was able to cover several retailers in one day.
Needless to say, Infused ReLeaf became the go-to for pain relief pretty quickly.

We are now educating consumers online, through certified service providers and at fine retail locations everywhere.

Let’s Improve Quality Of Life For Everyone

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my mom. I know Infused ReLeaf would have been life changing for her. Even though I can’t help her, I can help those living in chronic pain today. I’m committed to donating proceeds from every dollar to charities dedicated to improving the quality of lives for underserved communities suffering with autoimmune disease.

Thank you for reading my story. ~ Lynora Silverman, LMT