Infused ReLeaf™ Yoga Workshop

Infused ReLeaf™ Workshop Yoga with Brittany. For more information, see ChiBDyoga.com

An Ayurvedic Workshop integrating restorative yoga, self-massage, and CBD!


This two-hour workshop integrates restorative yoga with self-massage utilizing CBD cream. The areas of focus throughout this workshop will include the neck, hands, and feet. Each area of focus will include restorative postures and self-massage identifying trigger points. We as human beings use these parts of our body a great deal throughout the day; whether in pain or not, this is the ultimate place to show love and gratitude to ourselves. Come unwind and release with this therapeutic workshop.


What To Expect

During this workshop we will be talking about what CBD is, its benefits on the body, and how we can utilize it in our daily lives for pain relief. Students will learn about the benefits of Ayurvedic self-massage and how to effectively integrate CBD cream with this concept. Focusing on our neck, hands, and feet, students will learn how to target personal pain, apply CBD cream effectively, and mobilize targeted area for maximum effect and ultimate release.


Wear comfortable clothing.

Bring 12-16oz. of water.

Recommended at least 8 oz. of water consumed before and after workshop.

Every student will receive 1oz. of Infused ReLeaf™ CBD cream for workshop ($30 retail value)

Check Infused ReLeaf™ ingredients to make sure of any allergies at www.infusedreleaf.com.


What Students Will Learn

Information on CBD and its effects

Knowledge of Ayurvedic Self-Massage

Trigger point therapy

Restorative yoga postures

Breath control exercises


What Students Will Receive

Self-Care Kit which includes

-Informational flyers

-10-minute self-care regime

-Discounts on CBD cream

-Discount on CBD massage


Click HERE to meet our Certified Yoga ReLeaf Master Instructor Brittany Largent