The Science & Belief Behind Why You Smell What You Smell

Infused ReLeaf™ pain cream was developed to align with your body’s chakras and meridians. We took the advice of science and nature when developing this magical formula. Naturopathic and homeopathic research indicates the medicinal value in certain herbs can benefit our body’s alignment, physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

Eucalyptus oil



Why Eucalyptus?
Here resides our spiritual nature. Only through consistent attention both to how we interact with the universe at large, and learning to listen, hear and integrate the messages, can we hope to attain clear conscious decisions. We selected eucalyptus for her strong clearing and intense nature.

Eucalyptus – 7th Chakra (top of head)

Physical: Head, Stress, Headaches at the top of head

Emotions: Perhaps you suffer with confusion, lack of clarity, or maybe you deal with procrastination. When you hear a tragic story you probably place your hand on your head.

Decision-Making Process: When it is time to make a decision, if you smell Eucalyptus, you could be procrastinating thinking about things. Think about that.. Do you often say “I need to give that some thought” or “I need to sit and think about that one” If so… you could have a block in the 7th chakra. You need to move your thoughts of thinking into actually thinking about it.

The ultimate lessons of the crown chakra are empathy and compassion. How do you learn to feel what someone is feeling, and communicate your sorrow for their heartache?
You have a deep understanding that everything is connected and the energy of the Universe resides in all living things. You know we are more than our physical body. This is the first place starting the thought process.

But very few of us will achieve crown chakra all the time. Oftentimes, we are disengaged from seeing other people’s worlds, are self-interested or even bored by other people’s stories. More so, a crown chakra imbalanced will lose their connection to the Divine, feeling lost and confused in the journey of life.
This is the crown chakra closed or at least severely imbalanced.

Opening it, opens us to feeling more connected and feeling vulnerable to other people’s sorrow. It’s a brave and generous thing to give yourself over to someone else’s pain.
The crown chakra left wide open to the universe rarely has a healthy root chakra; there are no roots, no grounding and zero practicality.

Eucalyptus is traditionally used to clear sinuses and reduce inflammation. People experiencing headaches due to blocked sinuses may find that inhaling eucalyptus reduces their symptoms.
One study found that eucalyptus oil was effective for relieving pain and lowering blood pressure when it was inhaled.

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Peppermint oil



Why Peppermint?
The brow chakra or third eye governs wisdom and perhaps what we might describe as the seer. It’s the part of us that hears things in the silence and sees things that are seemingly not there. We selected peppermint for the crisp clean medicinal benefits delivered through the terpenes. It’s the root of psychic abilities.

Peppermint – 6th Chakra (third eye, forehead)

Physical: Vision, Frontal Headaches, Vision issues

Emotions: Intuition, Questioning your “knowing”, “Heady”. When you hear a tragic story you probably place your hand over your eyes.

Decision Making Process Do you overthink things? Do you feel like there is so much to do you don’t know where to start? Making the plan may not be an issue, but implementation seems to be the block. The reason could be because actually talking about those thoughts and then into your heart for processing is difficult due to a block in your system.

You are very intuitive and aware of your 6th sense.Balance here betrays a person who is “Master of Him/HerSelf”.
They are intuitive, astute, wise but also a creative and strategic thinker. There’s an abundance of spiritual energy, keen perception and the wisdom about how to execute a plan with cunning.

Problems in the brow chakra might be as insignificant as forgetfulness or seeming to space out now and then, but could also intensify to strong feelings of jealousy, slyness and spite.
You might also find an utter rejection of spirituality and intuition with the only focus and acceptance being on what we refer to as our physical reality (what they can see in the real world).
Imbalance in this area can often directly screw with the sacral chakra (your sex drive) because of the correlating pituitary gland and its effects on sexuality.


Mint is a particularly good source of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is critical for eye health and night vision 

It is also a potent source of antioxidants, especially when compared to other herbs and spices. Antioxidants help protect your body from oxidative stress, a type of damage to cells caused by free radicals

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Camphor oil



Why Camphor?
In medical astrology, the throat chakra relates to mercury, the planet of communication. This is the seat of anything that relates to communication and expression. Camphor emulates in through our breathe and opens our vocal cords, in turn, opening our 5th chakra! If you smell camphor, you are seeking to speak your truth! Say what is on your mind!

Camphor – 5th Chakra (throat, neck)

Physical: Tension in the neck, issues with the throat

Emotion: You may be quiet, an observer. Not one to talk about your feelings. When you hear a tragic story, you probably breathe in deeply and hold it and or.. You may place your hand on your throat.

Decision Making Process: Talking about Feelings may be difficult. Aligning your throat chakra means being aware of your conversations with yourself and others. Are you having enough of them? Are you able to communicate your thoughts easily or do you struggle with words? If so, You could have a block in your throat chakra. Maybe talking the talk isn’t the problem. You must process decisions through your heart so you can walk the walk.

Able to say what you want, when you want and kindly. A clear sense of who you are and able to exhibit that in the way you dress and create.

Secrets, lies, deception, addiction, confused thoughts, difficulty expressing ourselves, feel silenced.

Camphor helps in treating cold and cough and relieves throat congestion. Camphor oil is an ingredient of many vaporub and decongestants.

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Menthol oil



Why Menthol?
For your body and soul, and to achieve the greatest healing, we seek harmony, empathy, clarity, unity, forgiveness and compassion. Its essence lies in the center of our fourth chakra. Achieving all of these, we experience the sensation of the heart chakra as bliss. Menthol aids in the clarity and opening of the soul though opening our airways into our diaphragm. Menthol has been reported to soothe the heart and gives us a ”lift” in emotions if depressed.

Menthol – 4th Chakra (heart)

Physical: Heart, Chest, Arms, Shoulders

Emotion: You feel what others feel. You may cry easily when someone else hurts. When you hear a tragic story, you place your hand on your heart.

Decision Making Process: Decisions are not easily made, you feel everything. Matters of the Heart are usually the driving force behind your decisions. Is it easier for you to give little Johnny money because he needs it or encourage him to earn his own? Most solid decisions are made with balance between the heart and the gut. Usually empathic people (able to feel what others feel) smell menthol. They generally get stuck if their decision causes anyone (besides themselves) discomfort.

Happy, joyful, loving, loved, compassionate, empathic and generous.

Unfortunately, this one shows: sad, closed off to love, depressed, grieving…
But just as often, it could be one of those who seems jolly all of the time. Life doesn’t seem to touch them and that’s not natural either.


Menthol may help reduce neck and shoulder pain based on the findings in these studies.

In an older study, 105 men and women with mild to moderate muscle strain used patches containing a 10 percent methyl salicylate and 3 percent menthol formulation. The participants used the patches on multiple regions, including the upper shoulder and neck. Twelve hours after applying their patches, the participants experienced, on average, a 40 percent reduction in pain, compared to the 103 control subjects who used placebo patches.

In a 2017 study, 29 people with neck pain applied a topical menthol gel to the area before receiving cervical chiropractic manipulation. Those who used the gel reported significantly more pain reduction after treatment than those who did not.

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Lemongrass oil



Why Lemongrass?
The predominate lesson of the solar plexus chakra relates to how one feels the world sees us.
How strong is our identity? Unlike the other chakras, and particularly the upper ones, the solar plexus chakra has no connection to thought. No logic or reasoning, its power is entirely related to feeling. Lemongrass works for the digestion and adds that shockingly sweet sour smell that is so healing to our senses.

Lemongrass – 3rd Chakra (Gut, Low Back, Back)

Physical: Digestion Issues, Mid-Back, Low back

Emotions: You feel everything in your gut. Quick to make decisions based on past experiences instead of weighing each situation with feelings. When you hear a tragic story you probably place your hand on your stomach.

Decision Making Process: If you smell lemon, citrus, or describe the smell like Pledge, chances are, you make decisions based on past experiences without checking in with your head or your heart. You probably do not spend much time thinking about decisions, you simply drop the gavel and move on. These decisions are usually made with past life experiences influencing the outcome.

Someone confident and who installs confidence in others. They are light, airy and happy, laugh easily and are self-assured.
It’s a scholar’s attitude of enjoyment of learning and eagerness to investigate the world, curious and full of hopeful expectation.

Under-active or closed, this person has no confidence in their own judgement. They fear making decisions and don’t feel capable of trying anything on their own. Whatever they do, they need someone there to hold their hand.
Over-active, as you can imagine, makes people overly critical, negative, surly and frankly not very pleasant to be around.

Lemongrass is native to tropical regions such as Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania where it has been used traditionally for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes. In countries such as India, China, and Thailand, it has been used as a flavoring agent in beverages, desserts, and other culinary preparations for its ability to promote better digestion, boost circulation and immunity, treat infections, and relieve irregularities in menstrual cycles. Due to its ability to reduce fever, Lemongrass earned the name “fever grass” in some cultures.

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Rosemary oil



Why Rosemary?
Given that passion sits in the center of our emotions, I felt it only right to use a spice that brings out the flavor out of passion. Motivation is born here, and Rosemary delivers the medicine to wake up our senses.

Rosemary – 2nd Chakra (hips, flutes, reproductive organs)

Physical: Pelvis, Hips

Emotions: You could be feeling the need to have a lover/ partner to be complete. When you hear a tragic story you might place your arms at your side or on your lap, hang your head and bow forward slightly.

Decision-Making Process: Decisions are based on others, love life, and, yes, your sex drive. Is appearance a determining factor when choosing a partner? Are your decisions made around your lover and their needs? Do you feel like your needs are placed on the back burner? You may have a block in your 2nd chakra.


Of course in our own lives, a balanced 2nd chakra is represented with a balanced sex life where we know how to give, receive and experience ecstasy.
Likewise, we enjoy creative expression in whatever form, whether that’s cooking, and enjoying eating it, painting, gardening and being able to relax and soak up the fragrances in the garden.

The vitality of this chakra has a direct relationship to how we live our lives. Closed second chakra could mean you are loving for someone else to be happy.
The hardest lesson to learn, for someone with issues within the sacral chakra, is that there is more to life than surviving, that marriages should be enjoyed, and to give themselves permission to enjoy sexual pleasure.
Physically too, it’s very hard for a woman to allow her hips to soften and open when the energy here is pulled so tight. Often vulvodynia and menstrual issues see remarkable improvements with healing here.

The scent of Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates the appetite and is also known to reduce the level of harmful stress hormones that are released when involved in tense experiences. Inhaling Rosemary Oil boosts the immune system by stimulating internal anti-oxidant activity, which in turn fights ailments caused by free radicals, and it relieves throat and nasal congestion by clearing the respiratory tract.

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Tea Tree oil



Why Tea Tree?
As the base chakra is linked to physical energy, primitive instincts, and the need for survival, it makes sense that essential oils that would support it are grounding, centering, and earthy.

Tea Tree – 1st Chakra (Legs, Knees, Ankles, Feet)

Physical: Legs, Knees, Feet

Emotions: Are you secure in your home life? If you have insecurity about where you live, you could smell the tea tree. Interestingly enough, those who smell tea tree usually feel like they aren’t heard or respected. It seems you are forever needing to “prove” yourself.  Do you often feel defensive or that you must always explain yourself? When you hear a tragic story you may need to sit down, or slouch forward. You may gaze your look downward.

Decision-Making Process: Perhaps you are grounding your decisions without processing them. When it comes time to defend your decision, you might be someone who is not open to hearing other’s input. You could be a “my way or the highway” kind of person. If so, your 1st chakra could be blocked. You must build confidence in your choices without needing to feel as though you must defend them.

A vibrant root chakra generates the sort of feelings of safety we all crave.
You feel safe amongst those around you, trusting they always have your back.
You feel confident you have everything you need not only to survive but to thrive.
You’ve got a strong sense of right and wrong. You pick your battles wisely and you’re assertive enough to state your case clearly and successfully if you feel you are being taken advantage of.
You have a clear sense of who you are, your place in the world, and what you are capable of achieving.

Insufficient activity at the base chakra is self-destructive behavior. Period.
Root Chakra imbalance extremes summed up would be either frightened or exhibiting no fear at all. A closed root chakra can cause anxious, afraid, or even terrified feelings. Withdrawn behavior, frightened of life, or even avoiding it altogether.
Can’t put down roots – or not happy where you are? Are you hiding from life through any manner of substances, particularly alcohol and even more so drugs?

Tea Tree Essential Oil’s active chemical components contribute to its reputation as a powerful yet gentle immune system stimulant, as well as to its ability to reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria and infections upon contact. It is known to soothe topical allergic reactions and to treat rashes, burns, dandruff, acne and Athlete’s Foot among other ailments.

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