Head & Neck Focused Massage

We can all use some focus work on our head and neck. Focus on the scalp releases tight fascia covering our skull, Clearing the airways with sinus and lymphatic drainage around the head and jaw improves the immune system and opens airways for improved breathing. Massage to release the neck muscles will increase your range of motion so you can turn your neck and not your torso to look right and left. 

Even if you do not have time to get a full body massage, book yourself a 30 minute focus session and make sure your therapist uses Infused ReLeaf! 

With 5 vasodilators, this powerful healing topical is amazing in massage!!

Here are some of the most remarkable benefits you can get when you receive upper cervical care with Infused ReLeaf… 

  • Improve your brain’s communication with the rest of the body 
  • Ensure fluids like blood, and cerebrospinal fluid drains properly from your head
  • Help solve problems with muscle coordination or balance perception 
  • Sinus release from chronic stuffiness and sinus congestion
  • Lymphatic drainage in neck face and jaw
  • Reduce or even stop Teeth grinding by releasing the masseter, SCM
  • Improve thyroid function

Book your 30 min focus session here if you’re in Philly!!